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The mission of The Portal:

formation of favorable information, socio-cultural, business and educational environments for sustainable development of nuclear energy country.

Tasks of The Portal:

accelerating the search and access to necessary data and information;
the creation of new knowledge and the promotion of participation in research, education and training programs in the nuclear industry.

Basic principles of creation The Portal:

1) discuss the requirements to the Portal with all stakeholders prior to development;
2) develop a hierarchical structure of taxonomy Portal;
3) the Portal is constantly being developed to test for compliance with the technical requirements;
4) ensure the transparency of the development of the Portal;
5) publish a description of the Portal;
6) included in the group of developers of representatives of all the organizations.

Steps for creating Portal:

1. Development of the detailed structure of the Portal with the recommendations of the IAEA, the world experience of creating such portals, opinions and wishes of the alleged participants in the creation of such a portal for Belarus;
2. Development and elaboration of software and hardware to create the current on-line portal prototype, start filling it with information;
3. Technical and program implementation of the Portal, its content knowledge.

The novelty of the work on the creation of the Portal:

develop a model educational and research nuclear knowledge portal and distance learning in consideration of specific conditions of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of domestic software development:

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