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статья/документ по запросу ресурса "14"
IAEA Safety Standards for protecting people and the environment Safety of Nuclear Power Plants: Commissioning and Operation Specific Safety Requirements
IAEA No. SSR-2/2
ISSN 1020–525X STI/PUB/1513 ISBN 978–92–0–115910–6 IAEAL 11–00684
International Atomic Energy Agency
Vienna, 2011
Ключевые слова: Safety Requirements
Radioactivity is a natural phenomenon and natural sources of radiation are features of the environment. Radiation and radioactive substances have many beneficial applications, ranging from power generation to uses in medicine, industry and agriculture. The radiation risks to workers and the public and to the environment that may arise from these applications have to be assessed and, if necessary, controlled. Activities such as the medical uses of radiation, the operation of nuclear installations, the production, transport and use of radioactive material, and the management of radioactive waste must therefore be subject to standards of safety.
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