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NUCLEUS For Nuclear Knowledge and Information NUCLEUS provides access to over 130 IAEA scientific, technical and regulatory resources. This includes databases, websites, applications, publications, safety standards, training material and more. Data types: Codes and Numerical Data, Documents, Scientific Networks, Evaluated Data, Library, Reports, Nuclear Data Library, Directory, Training Multimedia, Training Textbook, Statistics and Forecasts, Reference Material, Bibliographic Data, Computer codes, Training Tools, Research and Development. Subjects: Nuclear Physics; Nuclear Power; Nuclear Safety; Physics; Safety aspects of work with/ on: Nuclear fuel; Safety aspects of work with/ on: Fusion; Nuclear Medicine; Training; Safety aspects of work with/ on: Radioactive sources; Safety of Nuclear Installations; Safety aspects of work with/ on: Radioactive wastes; Safety aspects of work with/ on: Uranium mining and milling; Techniques and Measurements in Science and Industry; Management of Business Intelligence; Safety in the transport of radioactive materials.
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